O-Shot Cyprus

O-Shot procedure is a genital aesthetic procedure which is applied to increase the woman’s sexual pleasure and tighten the vaginal tissues. Recently, with the increase in the interest in genital aesthetic procedures, O-Shot procedure has also become popular. Unlike G-Shot, O-Shot is applied on the different spots of the vagina and the clitoris and its application is different. Made with the plasma which is taken from the patient’s own blood and intensified, O-Shot tightens vaginal tissues in a healthy manner and increases sensitivity.


What is O-Shot?

O-Shot is a genital aesthetic procedure which is applied to increase the woman’s sexual pleasure, renovate the vaginal tissues, and increase the sensitivity. O-Shot is often mistaken for G-Shot. However, they are two different applications. O-Shot is a procedure which is applied by injection just like G-Shot. However, G-Shot requires applying hyaluronic acid to a specific spot while O-Shot is made by the plasma which is obtained by putting the patient’s own blood to the centrifuge device.


Who Can Take O-Shot?

Any 18+ women can take O-Shot if it is not problematic for the health. However, this method is typically preferred by women who have given birth or who have given birth to a gross baby. Since the vaginal tissues are torn due to the delivery and age, O-Shot and other aesthetic procedures are typically preferred by 35+ women who have given birth. Besides, O-Shot can be applied to;

  • Women who have problems with reaching orgasm
  • Those complaining of vaginal dryness
  • Those with chronic inflammatory diseases
  • Those complaining of chronic pain as a result of birth.

How is O-Shot Applied?

O-Shot is a reliable procedure in many aspects. This is because it uses the plasma which is obtained by intensifying the renovating cells which are taken from the patient’s own blood. Therefore, it does not adversely affect any future pregnancy.

Before starting O-Shot procedure, we take some blood sample from our patients. The blood is separated by the centrifuge device in the laboratory. The resulting intense, yellow fluid contains plenty of renovating and rejuvenating cells. This plasma is injected to the vagina and clitoris area as deemed suitable. The vagina rejuvenates, fills up and tightens in time. Thus, the woman’s and man’s sexual pleasure increase.


What are Cyprus O-Shot Prices?

Cyprus O-Shot and orgasm vaccine prices vary depending on the area of application and the method of anesthesia to be applied. Please call our hospital for further details about the procedure and appointment for examination.