Cyprus Labiaplasty

What is Labiaplasty?

Vaginal or genital aesthetics in woman is demanded heavily as aesthetic surgery techniques progress today. This issue that is relevant to all women of all ages has always been pushed into the background due to feelings of embarrassment, inability to get examined, in ability to acquire information and inability to find solution to the problem.

Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for altering the lips of the vulva when they are larger, looser, darker or more wrinkled than normal. The operation that is also known as labia minora plastic surgery enables vaginal lips to have symmetrical and beautiful appearance.

The purpose of genital aesthetic operations to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance, to increase sexual satisfaction with the partner and improve psychological well-being of the patient. Especially the surgery performed to reduce the size of labia minora (labiaplasty) is the most frequent operation that is performed on women following rhinoplasty (nose remodeling) and mammoplasty.


Patients who will undergo labiaplasty must be legally over 18 years of age. Anyone who is married or single, has given birth or not, can undergo this operation. The ideal time to get the operation done is the end of menstrual cycle.


What is Labial Hypertrophy?

Inner labia that is larger than outer labia, that are thick, wide and loose are called ‘labial hypertrophy’. Labial hypertrophy may occur for many reasons. It is generally congenital to have inner lips that are bigger and larger than normal. They grow especially during adolescence due to hormones. Moreover; in some women, chronic irritation (fungal infection, itching or rubbing) and having vaginal lips that are larger and wider than normal and that are wrinkled and loose may be genetic. As for hormonal causes, androgen hormone, that is male hormone, is also a cause for labial hypertrophy. Giving birth and aging may also lead to loose and enlarged inner lips.

Asymmetry: It is the condition of having a vaginal lip that is larger or different than the other one. While ‘labial asymmetry’ is usually congenital, it may be caused by genital traumas such as traffic or bicycle accident.

Labial Edge Irregularities: Dark colors on the ends of inner lips, uneven and wavy look on edges of inner lips.

Being unpleasant of appearance: Labiaplasty can be performed on women who are generally unhappy with the appearance of their vaginal lips and who are psychologically affected by it.


Why is Labiaplasty Performed?

Labiaplasty operation is mostly performed due to aesthetic, physical, sexual, hygienic, psychological and medical concerns.

  • Having inner vaginal lips that are larger and bigger than normal, which are irregular and thick.
  • Sexually low self-esteem, feeling embarrassed and not being able to concentrate during sexual intercourse, inability to have sexual intercourse comfortably and even inability to get married, inability to like yourself sexually and inability to find yourself attractive,
  • The discomfort felt due to bulge visible to the eye when one wears tight clothes such as bikini and leggings,
  • Formation of fungal and vaginal infections due to dampness in the genital area.
  • Hygienic problems such as disturbing odor and discharge in the genital area.
  • The fact that large and loose inner lips cause discomfort due to rubbing while wearing underwear, denim trousers and leggings,
  • Feeling of pain during sexual intercourse due to tension while penis penetrates vagina,
  • Difficulty of urinating, need to strain
  • Urine going in different directions and wetting the legs.


What are the Methods of Labiaplasty?

Different surgical operations are available for labiaplasty operation. Doctor who will perform the procedure decides to apply which method to which patient after due examination.

Primary methods of labiaplasty:

  • V plasty
  • Curvilinear amputation (partial resection)
  • Wedge resection
  • Laser-aided labiaplasty
  • Z plasy
  • Delamination technique
  • Star labiaplasty


How is Labiaplasty Operation Performed?

Labiaplasty operation is performed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. Average duration of operation is 1 hour. If desired, vagina tightening operation can be performed during the same session. In our center, generally superficial anesthesia which is named as sedation anesthesia is preferred. Patients never feel pain or aching during operation regardless of the type of anesthesia they prefer.

During labiaplasty operation, vaginal inner lips are reduced to their normal size. Inner lips are repaired by use of dissolvable stitches. Dressing is applied to the area after the operation and it is cleaned with antibiotic pomades.


Does Labiaplasty Surgery Require Post-Operative Hospitalization?

Resting in the hospital for 5-6 hours after operation is sufficient. As the site of surgery becomes numb due to local anesthetics before operation, patient does not feel severe pain or aching even on the date of surgery.


What Awaits You After Labiaplasty Operation?

It is really important to care for personal hygiene and apply dressings regularly after operation. Patient can take a shower 48 hours after the operation. The site of operation can be washed with soap and water gently without applying pressure one week after the operation. Patient should not bath in bathtub, have a swim in pool or sea for one month. Sensitivity may continue in some patients 6 to 12 weeks after the operation. Despite that, majority of patients can have sexual intercourse 1 month after the operation.

This operation does not damage hymen and does not pose a risk to or prevent sexual intercourse, orgasm, conception and giving birth. When patient recovers after surgery, it does not leave any scar and other people do not understand that you have had operation.


Does Labiaplasty Affect Sexual Pleasure?

Labiaplasty surgeries never affect sexual pleasure adversely. As a matter of fact, enchanged self-esteem increases concentration during sexual intercourse. Feelings of mutual pleasure between partners are enhanced and orgasm becomes easier.


Can Virgins Undergo Labiaplasty Operation?

Labiaplasty operation does not damage hymen. Therefore, a virgin girl can safely undergo this operation.


What are The Risks for Those Who Have Undergone Labiaplasty?

Post-operative complaints which include light bleeding that is similar to leaking, slight pain on stitches, burning, stinging, edema, darker skin and bruising on the site of operation are completely normal and temporary. Itching complaints that may occur one week after the operation can be remedied through cream and medicine. The operation poses risk such as infection, drug-related adverse effects and allergic reactions which may occur in every operation. However; taking full medical history of the patient before operation, making preparations during operation fully and paying due attention would minimize such risks.