Cyprus Hymen Reconstruction Surgery

What is Hymen Reconstruction Surgery (Hymenoplasty)?

Hymen is the membrane tissue with a hole, that indicates virginity. This membrane is medically named as hymen. Some women are born without hymen or it may not get broken during sexual intercourse. Some types of hymen may get broken but it may not cause bleeding. Hymen may get broken due to reasons other than sexual intercourse such as cycling, riding a horse, gymnastic moves and by accident. In such cases, hymen reconstruction surgery can be performed. Hymenoplasty surgery in performed with full confidentiality. Second parties are never informed.


Can Every Young Girl Get Hymen Reconstruction Surgery Done?

It is not legal for girls aged under eighteen years to undergo hymen reconstruction surgery. As girls do not tell their fathers about this operation, mothers must definitely accompany their daughters who are aged under 18 years. Both the girl and her mother give written consent before the operation. Having had sexual intercourse with more than one person, having had abortion and giving birth is not an obstacle for this operation. Anyone can undergo hymen reconstruction surgery. The person with whom you have sexual intercourse cannot know that your hymen has been reconstructed.


How is Hymenoplasty Performed?

Hymen reconstruction can be performed in two ways. Permanent hymen reconstruction or temporary hymen reconstruction.

Hymen reconstruction surgery performed 2 to 6 days before sexual intercourse is named as temporary reconstruction. In this operation, dissolvable stitches are used on the hymen so that it bleeds during sexual intercourse. If this operation is performed by an experienced doctor, bleeding occurs 100%.

Flap operation of hymen is for permanent purpose and therefore it can be done anytime. It has a long-lasting effect. In this procedure, hymen is reconstructed through micro-operation. Sutures used are absorbed fully by the body. This method ensures bleeding during the first sexual intercourse. Operation can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on patient’s choice. Average duration of this operation is 15 to 20 minutes. It is normal to feel strain in the genital area in the operation. Patient does not feel any pain or aching during operation.


What Does a Patient Pay Attention to After Hymenoplasty?

Patient must pay due attention to personal hygiene after hymen reconstruction surgery. Contact with water must be avoided for 2 days, genital area must be kept dry and patient must take a bath standing after this operation. Patient should not tire themselves after operation. They should not wear tight clothes until hymen stitches recover. One should try not to get constipated at least for 10 days after operation so they must eat foods that are rich in fiber. They must follow a healthy diet rich in vitamins and protein to ensure surgical wound recovers rapidly. Those who undergo hymen reconstruction must get it checked before marriage in order to eliminate possible problems.


Prices of Hymen Reconstruction Surgery for 2021

Prices of hymen reconstruction surgery for 2020 changes depending on permanent hymen reconstruction, temporary hymen reconstruction, whether operation is performed under local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia and the doctor who performs the operation. For further information regarding price of hymen reconstruction surgery, you can contact us over our contact page.